A revolution in energy savings

How do we accelerate the energy transition?

We believe in making the world a better place for our next generations. We do this by combining proven technology into innovative solutions for tomorrow. The integrated solutions we offer are aimed at storing sustainably generated energy for the use of electrical consumers. This results in Energy Storage Systems (ESS) where we specialize in both battery and energy management. We therefore provide smart software with literally “plug & play” hardware so your sustainable energy is efficiently, innovative and customized.

Our Energy Storage Systems

Hedgehog ESS

The virtual grid support  

Hedgehog Energy Storage System is an OCPP2.0 controlled battery system with cloud software. The System supports the grid connection during peak consumption of building and electric cars and peak generation of solar energy.  

Hedgehog ESS Rail

Connection overhead line

HH ESS Rail is specifically aimed at storing (brake) energy from trains, trams and metros. The energy is saved at a relevant station and then recycled for electric public transport.


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